Puzzle 3 - The test

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Answer each question as logical as possible.

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    [1] Salam and Shalom logically means:
    a) War
    b) Peace
    c) Religion
    d) Angel
    e) Islam
    f) The bible

    [2] The greatest star we see at dawn:
    a) Venus
    b) The moon
    c) Saturn
    d) Sirius
    e) The sun
    f) Aquarius

    [3] All angels have their names from:
    a) Heaven
    b) Space
    c) Torah
    d) Quran
    e) The bible
    f) God

    [4] If legs is to human then wings is to:
    a) Chimp
    b) Feather
    c) Bird
    d) Gorilla
    e) Bear
    f) Snake

    [5] If life is to death then air is to:
    a) Sickness
    b) Vacuum
    c) Water
    d) Element
    e) Space
    f) Wind

    [6] Surrounds the sky and is related to madness:
    a) Schizophrenia
    b) Mars
    c) Doctor
    d) Patient
    e) Hospital
    f) The moon

    [7] If good is evil, then right is:
    a) Bad
    b) Wrong
    c) Arm
    d) A word
    e) Fair
    f) Everything

    [8] If road is to car then water is to:
    a) Cloud
    b) Aeroplane
    c) Fish
    d) Boat
    e) Sail
    f) Deep

    [9] If heaven is to Asgard then earth is to:
    a) Human
    b) Midgard
    c) Valhalla
    d) Thor
    e) Loki
    f) Vikings

    [10] A "place" on earth that can be accessed in almost every home:
    a) Internet
    b) America
    c) New York
    d) TV
    e) Electricity
    f) Israel

    [11] Has the symbole of a star and a moon and is related to a religion:
    a) Christianity
    b) Israel
    c) Islam
    d) Buddha
    e) Illuminati
    f) Satanism

    [12] Has the symbole of two triangles and is related to:
    a) Ariel
    b) Yin and Yang
    c) A pyramid
    d) Pentagram
    e) King David
    f) United states of America

    [13] If VIRUS is to 589 then FLU is to:
    a) 18
    b) 370
    c) 321
    d) 777
    e) 339
    f) 505

    [14] Is this statement true or false?
    "If all humans were monkeys before they became humans, then humans are definitely monkeys."
    a) True
    b) False

    [15] If car is to wheel then computer is to:
    a) Hand
    b) Motherboard
    c) Mouse
    d) Processor
    e) Monitor
    f) CD

    [16] A doctor is most related to:
    a) Healer
    b) Psychiatry
    c) Nurse
    d) Bandage
    e) Genius
    f) Crazy

    [17] Is this statement true or false?
    "If aliens existed in other planets their time measurement would be different than it is on earth."
    a) True
    f) False

    [18] Which of these "names" does not belong in the group?
    a) Gabriel
    b) Elijah
    c) Michael
    d) Raphael
    e) Abel
    f) Samuel

    [19] The image of the beast may logically relate to:
    a) Painting
    b) Devil
    c) Goat
    d) TV
    e) Radio
    f) Keyboard

    [20] Which of these numbers do not belong in the group?
    a) 2514
    b) 10155
    c) 11514
    d) 25519
    e) 10913
    f) 9114

    [21] If wolf is to flow then star is to:
    a) planet
    b) moon
    c) space
    d) art
    e) storm
    f) rats

    [22] Which of these animals does not belong in the group?
    a) Tiger
    b) Bear
    c) Hyena
    d) Wolf
    e) Lizard

    [23] How many hours is there in a week?
    a) 49
    b) 84
    c) 189
    d) 35
    e) 224
    f) 168

    [24] Which of the statement below is false?
    a) Alien is a being not from earth.
    b) Psychosis is a mental illness.
    c) Schizophrenia means multiple personalities.
    d) Religion is also taught.
    e) The moon is in the universe.
    f) Science evolves all the time.

    [25] If first is to last then A is to:
    a) Z
    b) B
    c) X
    d) E
    e) I
    f) P

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