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Intelligence-related (IQ) puzzles.
Created 1/5/2022 by Christian Backlund aka: Zolly Darko.

Intelligence-tests / IQ puzzles are tests that measure your cognitive functions, logical thinking and problem solving. Scoring good on (IQ) tests means that you have a "good brain." and your ideas are unique, your skill in being creative and succesful in life is alot higher than those who score low on intelligence-puzzles. This site will have short tests because most people do not like going through tests that has 40-50 questions. Short tests are much faster scored, but there is also a flaw --- usually the tests with more items have better statistics to calculate and norm the test (IQ per raw score.) All tests on will be free to try, receive a score without needing to pay or register an account. However do not take your IQ result as your valid IQ; this site is mainly devoted to people who love to solve intelligence-challenging puzzles. The tests are created by a legendary IQ test designer (known as Zolly Darko.) which is (Me.) My real name however is Christian Backlund, I am a man who lives in Finland and I have been in this business now for many years. I hope that you will enjoy the puzzles you will find on this site. Good luck and Enjoy!

Info about IQ scores:

An average human has an IQ of 85 to 115 accordingly to SD=15. There is also the SD=16 and SD=24 which are less used these days. An IQ above 115 means that you are at the High average; an IQ above 120 means that you are intelligent. IQ's above 145 is considered very high. Genius and high genius IQ is 160+
Many people who try IQ tests and puzzles on the Internet has a much higher intelligence than the average population. However because of trying so many tests they get a practice effect and scores like 170+ is common (Even if their actual IQ might only be 140-150. ) Do not trust every test on the Internet that you try. I highly recommend you to try the tests at if you are interested in professional IQ testing. These tests are created by known IQ test designers and normed by a professional.

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